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Lazer Teeth Whitening

Lazer teeth whitening is really a misspelling of laser teeth whitening, although some firms have intentionally used the word 'lazer' in its name. However you spell it, lazer teeth whitening refers to professional teeth whitening, that is teeth whitening that is carried out in a dentist's surgery, although there are lazer teeth whitening systems on the market for home use nowadays.

Lazer Teeth Whitening

Lazer teeth whitening is the name given to any teeth whitening procedure, which uses a laser or a bright light to activate the tooth whitening gel. This is a fairly well-established technology although some critics argue that it should not be necessary to use a laser to activate the teeth whitening gel. They point out that having to use a special light, only serves to guarantee dental health care experts more highly-paid work.

On the other hand, supporters of lazer teeth whitening, mostly dentists and manufacturers, say that these professional gels are too powerful for the untrained general public to handle. They also point out that it is possible to be more accurate if the teeth whitening gel has to be activated by a narrow beam of light.

At the end of the day, you pay your money and you take your choice. Lazer teeth whitening is vastly more expensive than systems intended for home application because a dentist's time is so expensive. An advantage of lazer teeth whitening is that it only takes an hour every year or two to get a great smile.

There are many lazer teeth whitening systems on the market, but they all involve a similar basic process, which we can look at below.

Examination: the teeth will have to examined for problems such as cavities. These must be fixed and the teeth descaled and polished. This will reveal the true state of your teeth, which is documented and sometimes even photographed for later comparison.

Preparation: areas that are not being treated will have to be masked and your gums will be shielded too with thin latex 'dams'. They have holes in them to allow your teeth to protrude. Your mouth will have to be held open. This is normally achieved with cotton wool padding pushed into your mouth. A bib is put around your neck.

Application of Whitening Gel: when you have been prepared and you are sitting comfortably, the oral hygienist will paint the whitening gel onto your teeth. At this time you can go to sleep, watch TV or listen to music.

Laser Treatment: the laser is shone on your teeth to activate the teeth whitening gel precisely where it needs to do its job. Teeth whitening is instantaneous when the laser shines on the gel.

And that is it. One hour long lazer teeth whitening session is usually enough for most people, but if the staining is particularly bad, you may need two sessions.

Professional lazer teeth whitening varies in cost because different dentists have different hourly rates, but you can expect to pay $500-$2,000. Another option is to have your lazer teeth whitening done abroad where labour costs are far lower. For example, in Thailand professional lazer teeth whitening costs about $200.


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